How can I apply for a job?

Job applications can either be received online via email or via postal mail/ courier as per instruction in the advertisement. For online job vacancies, candidate may apply after registering with the respective company career website. Candidates are required to first complete their CV and then apply for the open job vacancy. In case of postal mail/ courier, the application as per given format with the copies of all required documents must be dispatched prior closing date.

What is the standard process for getting a job?

The generalized process of getting a job usually includes:

  • Application
  • Shortlisting
  • Interview
  • Final selection
  • Job offer
  • Job confirmation (after probation period)

However, this can vary from company to company.

Can I apply for more than one position or job at a time?

Yes, you certainly can. If you meet the advertised criteria then feel free to apply wherever applicable. It is advised to take it slow and not make your resume viral though as that can be seen negatively in the job market.

How do I get in touch?

In case there is any error or technical issue in reading a job vacancy or if any assistance is required then we can be reached at info@jobsuccess.ae. We cannot guarantee any job placement but will definitely help to the best of our abilities.

If I am not selected or called for an interview what could be the reason?

Applications can be rejected on the basis of any of the following reasons:

Inaccurate, wrong, misleading or erroneous information.

There is an age criteria and the applicant is underage or overage for that job.

The applicant does not meet the educational requirements for the job; this also includes specialized field.

Incomplete degree(s) / certificate(s).

The applicant’s professional experience does not meet the job requirements.

The applicant is less qualified / experienced as compared to other applications for the same post based on merit.

Any other criteria defined.

(Always remember that things tend to work out for the best so never lose hope)

Are all job advertisements up to date?

The latest job postings can always be seen first so keep that in mind when searching for a job. Also, almost every vacancy has an “apply by” deadline that you can check. If there is still any query then reach out to us by filling the “contact us” form or via email at info@jobsuccess.ae

In what format should I upload documents and is there a maximum size?

Ideally your resume should be in PDF format, however, doc, docx, html and txt files are also suitable for many employers. It is preferred that the file size limit should not exceed 5MB so consider what documents would add value to your application and only upload thos that are relevant.