Guaranteed Job in Dubai & U.A.E – 5 Easy Steps

Have you been looking for a job but with no success? Are you still waiting for life to finally get on track? Does it seem that your career will never take off? Then worry not because if you follow these steps, then a job and career in Dubai is surely guaranteed. So go through these guaranteed job in Dubai.

Get a Job in Dubai in 5 Easy Steps

Guaranteed Job in Dubai

Find your skills to get a guaranteed job in Dubai

Everyone is good at something or the other. Many people have multiple skills even while some are just masters of a particular trade. So what are you good at? The one thing that people praise about you whether in open or in secret. Find out what that is. You could be a good listener and having great interpersonal skills. That combined can set you off on a great career path in sales. Likewise you could be a good speaker with countless inspirational quotes at your fingertips. Or you could be someone with a great ability to focus on a particular task. Combine that with accounting knowledge and you have a future Financial Officer in your career path. Whatever it is, find your skills before you can use them to get a guaranteed job in Dubai.

Increase your network

What do you do in your spare time? Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram?

Contrary to what people might say, social media is actually not a waste of time. I personally believe that you can never know enough people. The world is not a global village, it’s just global and knowing people helps. So connect and connect to get a guaranteed job in Dubai. Networking basically includes meeting people and forming mutually beneficial relationships. Your career will be build that way. Your business will grow that way. Friendships and relations are formed that way.

If you are an introvert then connect through social media. Find out life events that you have been proud of and make means of including those in your conversations. If you can be a means of helping someone then do that and it will surely come back to you?


Okay so you skipped classes in school and thought the degree is not worth it. Go back and get it done now. No matter what you do in life an education is always the thing to fall back on. Countless people never fulfill the need of getting a higher education after school/college/high school and keep missing out on opportunities that they are otherwise perfectly eligible for. Avail night school or online classes and get that damn degree because it going to get you places and in a few years you will be thanking yourself for not giving up.

Salary Compromises

Do you want a high paying job that involves endless hours and is something to satisfy the mind but not the soul? Or would you be happier with a more passionate job that isn’t lucrative now but you believe you can take off on that path? Many artists, singers, musicians, actors, designers choose the second option because they believe in the power of their dreams. So make that choice now and stick to it. Know which way you will go and which opportunity you want. Until you ask yourself this question and know the answer you cannot start on your path. Be clear in your perspective and then begin your journey and get a guaranteed job in Dubai.

Internships/Summer Jobs/ Volunteer Work

Yes you want money. Who does not? Yes you have bills to pay. Again who doesn’t? But if you want a taste of the real world and are dying to get started then look for internships and volunteering. Even if there aren’t any opportunities no one can resist free labor and will likely agree to take you on board. Utilize this to meet people and cement your place and need in the company or business. Get in there and formulate your need there. Make people so dependent on you that they end up creating a job for you within their own space.

Volunteering and Internships are a great resource for meeting people and getting to know the type of work that you want to do. Often understated and undermined people fail to see the potential that internships offer.

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