IT Jobs In Dubai & UAE Latest Updates (March 2020)

For many countries, the Information technology sector and job market still remains as strong as ever, with scores of unfulfilled IT jobs in Dubai and UAE.

The sector contains everything pertaining to technology and evolution. In today’s fast world, UAE is certainly not going to be left behind and hence the sector is in full bloom. It involves around business technology, manufacturing of electronics, software designs and creation and services related to information technology.

IT Jobs In Dubai & UAE

IT jobs in dubai

Huge Demand of IT Jobs in Dubai

IT offers a huge range of products and services. A major chunk of our everyday activities revolve around information technology. For example, personal computers, mobile phones, smart watches, home appliances, televisions are constantly being upgraded with new and improved features in every new model.

Without evolution in the IT sector and without research and development, growth in technology will come to a standstill and things will become stagnant. This is why UAE and Dubai have special emphasis on keeping themselves updated with an ever increase in the IT jobs in Dubai.

Importance of IT sector in Dubai

If IT is important to keep the consumer updated, it is also important to keep companies and businesses on top of things. Companies rely on the IT sector for new ideas and innovations, creating data software, protect their databases and to make easy strategic decisions based on real time data and statistics.

IT Jobs in Dubai remains one of the strongest. The job titles for IT sector can vary from company to company, with perhaps the same job description being titled as programmer in one, whereas another company recruits a “developer” for the same job.

Jobs Titles in IT jobs in Dubai

Below are some of the job titles that are commonly found in IT sector:

With the advancement in cloud computing, a huge number of jobs specific to advancement in this field have sprung up. For example:

  1. Architect
  2. Consultant
  3. Product and Project Manager
  4. Services Developer
  5. Software and Network Engineer
  6. System Administrator
  7. System Engineer
  8. In addition to these, some other popular IT jobs in Dubai are:
  9. Computer and Information Systems Manager
  10. Computer Systems Analyst and Manager
  11. IT analyst
  12. Network Administrator
  13. Network Engineer
  14. Computer Support Administrator and Specialist
  15. IT Support Manager
  16. Systems Administrator

Since these jobs have multiple titles, you can always ask your manager to change your position to best define your role. The IT jobs in Dubai are also free from gender biases, meaning that companies are willing to hire either gender for any of these roles and are not biased towards male roles for IT.

Information Technology Jobs Near Me

Finding information technology jobs near me (you)?  So let’s get latest updates in IT jobs in Dubai mentioned below:

IT Help Desk Executive

Industry: IT/Computers – Software
Career: Mid Career
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED 3001-3500
Experience: 1 – 2 Years
Job Type: Full Time
Gender: Any
City: Dubai
Listed: February 29, 2020


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