Accel HR (01+ Open Vacancy)

Accel HR

Company: Accel HR

Position: Cluster Director of Revenue

Responsibilities: Work closely with the Cluster General Manager to develop and implement revenue management strategies. Utilize business intelligence tools, data analytics platforms, and benchmarking tools to analyze market trends and competitor performance. Provide recommendations for long-term and short-term hotel strategy adjustments based on thorough analysis. Establish best practice standards for competitor analysis, environmental scanning, market modeling, and distribution yield management. Implement strategies for business mix yield management, length of stay yield management, and inventory availability management by channel. Oversee pricing control and develop new pricing concepts to optimize revenue streams.

Experience: Previous experience as a Revenue Director or Manager in hotels in the UAE. Revenue Management Certification. Proficiency in business intelligence, data analytics, and benchmarking tools. Strong numerical, logical, and relational skills. Ability to work effectively with revenue management systems and adapt strategies accordingly.

Location: Business Bay – Dubai

Closing date: June 05, 2024

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