Thursday , September 23 2021

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Housemaid Jobs In Dubai (Full and Part Time Jobs)

Housemaid Jobs in Dubai

Housemaid Jobs are always in huge demand in Dubai. Housemaids are usually live in maids that are hired for homes. From dusting to washing, housemaids are required to do all house work. They are also called housekeepers or house cleaners. There are plenty of maid agencies in Dubai that help …

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AC Technician Jobs in Dubai and UAE (July 2021)

AC Technician Jobs In Dubai

Some of you may not have a formal education to show but have skills that have taken years to master. A good majority of skilled labour has expertise in fixing and repairing Air Conditioning Units.  The hot desert climate of Dubai calls for artificial cooling through air conditioning units and …

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Engineering Jobs in Dubai & UAE (Latest Updates)

Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Engineering is a field that is often the backbone of all industries. Our everyday things have the foundations laid by engineers, be it our car or our computer, from warming food in the microwave to watching the television, engineers have a strong hold in almost all our day to day …

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Packing Helper Job in Dubai with Free Visa and Accommodation

Packing Helpers Jobs

Jobs are available in Dubai that offer free visa, accommodation and overtime. These positions are for package helpers or packagers, also called packing labor. So if you are interested in exploring the career of a packing labor in Dubai or have worked previously as a packager then we encourage you …

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Bartender Jobs in Dubai With Accommodation (March 2021)

Bartender Jobs in Dubai

With its crazy night life, ever adventure spirit and expanding horizons, Dubai is one of the best places for individuals aspiring to be bartenders. Bartender Jobs in Dubai are very common, almost every hotel requires a bartender for their bars. Bartending can be a really fun job and with a …

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