How to Prepare for a Job Search in Dubai?

Whether you are a recent graduate or an industry professional, looking for a new job can be stressful if not handled properly. Many people aspire to look for a job in a different country that offers them a new lifestyle and prospects. Due to stagnant growth in many developed countries, countless expats have turned towards finding a better living in Dubai, the job hub of the Middle East. I will teach you step by step as how to prepare for a job search,

If you want to prepare yourself for a walk in interview or dedicate yourself to finding a job vacancy online, it is essential to arm yourself with crucial tips and guidelines to ensure a smooth job search.

job search

1) Identify your desires

Know what you want. Are you looking for a better pay? Free living? Car package? It is important to identify your needs before you are planning a Job search. Having a goal or end result in sight ensures that you are focused on the right job. A beginner level job may only include a basic salary, whereas medium to senior level usually includes free housing and car allowance. 

2) Target companies of choice

After you are clear on your goals, next step for a smooth Job search is look for the companies that enlist your objectives. Not many companies provide the benefits in a job vacancy, however, additional perks and benefits are commonly known in the market and can be easily found via questioning. A thorough research of the company’s website is enough to identify its culture and financial upholding. It may not be the first thing on your mind, but one needs to be aware of a company’s going concern status. 

3) Curriculum Vitae

The first message that you send across to any employer consists of the most important thing that you have, your CV, short for curriculum vitae. It is the first and most important tool that you have for selling yourself. Your CV should include your professional details, your academics, skills acquired and some personal details like age. It is crucial to omit unnecessary blabber from your CV as usually employers are only interested in personal details after calling you for an interview. Your CV should highlight why you are the best person for the Job. 

4) Draft CV according to the job requirements

One of the best tips for a job search is to draft a CV that is relevant to the Job opening that you are applying for. Keep it result oriented without unnecessary clutter and be sure to highlight how you will fit in for that particular job. This also helps in making sure your CV does not become common throughout the market. Plus, personalised objectives convey to the employer that you gave time and focus while applying for the job and will continue to give the same dedication.

5) A strong LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the professional world’s Facebook. It is the go to place for employers that are seeking talent. The need to have proper contacts can never be emphasised enough. A strong LinkedIn profile gives you credibility and helps to validate your experience. For a smooth Job search keep your LinkedIn updated, reach out often to your existing contacts, look for new contact people (preferably in HR) and seek recommendations from friends and colleagues. It will be helpful to search a better opportunity.

6) Build and use your contacts

It is impossible to be aware of Job openings in an environment that prefers the old word of mouth means to seek employees. While the world is rapidly becoming a digital village, many old schoolers prefer reaching out via contacts and references. Therefore it is critical to have a strong network. People who can update when there is a job vacancy and can also vouch for you when the time comes. Do not be afraid to reach out to people and ask for help. Many employers prefer people through recommendations and just do not have time to shift through resumes.

7) Add the personal touch

If you intend on looking for a Job only on the internet, you could be stuck for quite a long time, with little or no update on your status. Contact the companies that directly interest you and ask to speak to the HR or recruiter. Recruiters are trained to speak to Job seekers and will not mind your call. If there is a job opening, ask to send in your resume or in absence of any vacancy leave your contact number along with your desired designation for the future. Do not be afraid to follow up with a call after a week. Make sure you are persistent but not annoying.

8) Prepare for interviews

One of the best tip for a smooth Job search is to read on the important dressing tips before going in for an interview. Make sure you are prepared for job related questions. Study if you have to or review points that you might have forgotten. Ask a family member, friend or colleague to conduct a mock interview session. The more prepared you are, the more you will be comfortable and will likely succeed. Remember that you got in this far because you definitely have the potential to go farther.

9)  Prepare yourself for a cultural difference

Job search in Dubai is crucial. Dubai is the ultimate spot for cultural shock. Whilst the laws and rules of Dubai are generalised, you will find people from all walks of life here, so be prepared. Try to limit yourself to the requirements of the job and avoid mixing professional life with personal. Inquire about the people at decision making levels and read up on their profiles. This will help you to react accordingly when interviewed.

A westerner may not be offended if you reply positive to drinking or smoking, whereas a typical Arab will look down on you for the same. When in Rome do as Romans do, definitely applies here as well.

Give yourself a break from Job search

Job search can be exhausting and stressing out. It is unlikely that you will have a 100% success rate in interviews, so accept that rejections will happen. Continue to look out for jobs and apply for more than one at a time to speed up the process. Create a strong support group, go for exercise to clear your mind, go for a movie or generally reach out to a friend when things get tiring. Remember failures are usually the stepping stones to every success and you will eventually get there, so be patient and never give up.

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