How to Prepare for a Walk in Interview in Dubai (UAE)?

A walk in interview is a situation in which any person, who considers himself a suitable candidate or prospective employee, walks into a company without any prior appointment. 

Walk in interviews do have a designated time slot or day assigned by the company, where the candidate can just walk in and get interviewed by the company.

While, walk in interviews are mutually beneficial for the company as well as the employee, they can be tricky to handle if you are not well prepared.

In this blog we have listed some of the tips that can help you in standing out from the crowd and increase of chances of landing a formal interview.


Walk in interview

1) Research about the Company

Always research and prepare yourself by learning about the company that is having the interviews. Read up on the “About us” section of the company website and do a simple google search to learn a bit about the current happenings of the company.

2) Important Documents

Always keep multiple hard copies of your resume as there can be more than one interviewers at different times or you can be interviewed multiple times during the day. Also, make sure you have proper identification with you at all times as you likely be asked for it at the point of entry.

Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times, get a proper folder and keep all documents in it.

3) Look Presentable

A walk in interview by no means implies a lazed attire. You are not required to wear a suit (overdressing can equally kill your chances), pair jeans with a formal shirt and avoid looking scruffy. Pay attention to your footwear and neatly set your hair. Thinking of it as attending a first date where you don’t want to over dress but still look smart. Lastly, be on time by getting directions of the venue beforehand.

4) Walk in Interview Questions 

Before going for a walk in interview prepare yourself with some basic interview questions. Also, check the vacancies available and do a quick read up to see if you fit in as a suitable candidate.

5) Be Patient

Remember that for every walk in interviews, there are huge number of candidates without proper interview slots. Companies will likely provide a waiting number to each candidate that walks in. Remember to be polite to other candidates and wait patiently. 

 Say Your Thanks

Remember to thank the interviewer or if there are multiple interviewers tell them how much you appreciate the opportunity. Walk in interviews are great for enhancing your confidence and communication skills. So don’t forget to be grateful and stay optimistic.

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