Engineering Jobs in Dubai & UAE (Latest Updates)

Engineering is a field that is often the backbone of all industries. Our everyday things have the foundations laid by engineers, be it our car or our computer, from warming food in the microwave to watching the television, engineers have a strong hold in almost all our day to day activities. On a daily basis, everyone encounters the work of engineers. Today we will be exploring the work that engineers do, the different types of engineering jobs in dubai, the skills that are required etc.

If you are pursuing engineering then you have a wide range of options to choose from. Students can opt for their field/specialization in engineering based on the type of science that holds their interest, the products and materials that they are knowledgeable about and comfortable working with and the field that they can see themselves working in.

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Job Position Engineering
Job Location Across UAE
Nationality Selective (Update)
Education Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Experience Specified Below
Core Skills Sales Driven Skills
Salary Range Depending Upon Position
Benefits Excellent
Last Updated April 18, 2021

Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Below are brief descriptions relating to different fields of engineering?

Civil Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Civil engineering deals with the design, maintenance, restoration and construction of the structures that form our natural and man-made environment. These include roads, buildings, dams, flyovers, bridges etc. Students generally require Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology or a similar specialty. Civil engineering jobs in Dubai are usually listed at a salary of 8,000-10,000 A.E.D with experience of less than 10 years.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Almost everything that we use these days; gadgets, appliances, tools have an electrical component. These are designed, developed and tested by electrical engineers. An electrical engineer uses calculations to develop products, to manufacture and install products and test them to ensure that they meet the required criteria proposed by clients or companies that will eventually manufacture these products on large scales.

Electrical engineers also need knowledge of troubleshooting in case a product fails to stand up to standard or fails to perform as per requirements.

Students require a minimum Bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronics engineering or in electrical engineering technology. An electrical engineering job in Dubai is also in the range of 8,000-10,000 A.E.D depending on the job requirements and experience criteria.

Computer Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Computer engineering consists of Hardware and Software engineering. A computer hardware engineer works on the advancements in computer technologies by testing and designing systems and components.

They are required to present blueprints of computer hardware, forming those hardware putting them through trials and making necessary changes, and coordinating with developers to adjust hardware products so they are compatible and updated with the software advancements.

Whereas software engineer are computer science professionals who use their knowledge to build software programs, computer games, and network systems. These are further classified as application software engineers who design and develop applications for the end users and system software engineers that deal with the back end engineering of things by building actual operating systems.

Again the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree.

For Dubai this is one of the most lucrative engineering fields. A typical computer engineering job in Dubai earns up to 10,000-15,000 A.E.D with a rapid succession and pay of up to 30,000-50,000 A.E.D in 5 years.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Dubai

The oldest discipline of engineering is the branch of mechanical engineering that offers engineers the chance to apply physics, mathematics and science towards the design, manufacture and maintenance of machines, engines and tools.

Mechanical engineers are required to see how mechanical devices can aid in a particular problem and make the work easier. They then design and manufacture mechanical and thermal devices and sub systems. They are also required to troubleshoot faulty systems and find alternatives.

Mechanical engineering is a very broad field that consists of manufacturing devices to even the simplest batteries.

A Mechanical engineering job in Dubai typically earns around 15,000 A.E.D inclusive of medical, housing and transport.

Some further types of engineering consist of the following:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Industrial Engineering
  4. Environmental Engineering including Biomedical Engineering and Geo-technical Engineering

Lets Explore Latest Engineering Jobs in Dubai:

Lets Explore Engineering Jobs in Dubai

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Civil Site Engineer

Company: Protect Middle East
Experience: 3-5 years
Location: UAE
Visa:  Own
Benefits: Salary + other
Email CV:
Posted: April 18, 2021

Senior Engineer – Linux & Kubernetes

Company: Dicetek LLC
Location: Dubai
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or similar relevant degree
Experience: 5+ years
Email CV:
Posted: April 18, 2021

KNX Engineer

Company: Accel HR
Location: Dubai
Education: Bachelor’s degree in electrical, electronic or computer engineering, KNX certified.
Experience: Minimum 2-4 years
Email CV:
Posted: April 18, 2021

Project Engineer

Company: Penspen
Location: Abu Dhabi
Experience: BE with 8-15 years experience in Oil/Gas FEED
Preferably: ADNOC onshore/offshore projects experience.
Email CV:
Posted: April 18, 2021

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